A dedicated guides first outing

April 4, 2010

Ian Cameron has been guiding for us forever and is drawn to the rivers as soon as spring shows. Here is the account of his first outing of the new season.
Ian and Bamboo Bob’s Excellent Fishing Adventure
Friday, April 2 was a gorgeous blue bird day in Greenville. With temperatures close to 70 degrees Ian and Bamboo Bob headed to the East Outlet for our annual early bird outing. Past years had found us struggling through waist high snow. This time there was barely any in the woods or along the shoreline. The high peaks though, still hold snow.
The flow on the EO was down from 750 to 550 CFS. It was reduced because of flooding on the main stem of the Kennebec, The dam keeper told us that it would be ramped up to 1000 CFS on April 3. We fished from the dam, all the usual known honey holes, some pocket water down stream a little past the Route 15 bridge.
We tried assorted streamers, nymphs, and woolly buggers. Turning over rocks showed active aquatic life and the water temperature was 42 degrees. We never moved or saw a fish…but the excitement and the “feeling” was with us.
We decided that we needed deeper and slower water. The Beech Pool fits the bill for this. The road was firm, and we drove and parked above the road down to the pool.
It looked perfect. No fish, but we saw butterflies, midges on the water, ducks cavorting, and we sat in the sun.
A little after lunch we drove to the Moose River and fished both sides below the dam. Still no fish, but still midges on the water and the feeling was “fishy.”
We headed back to the EO, and decided to chance a drive down the West Outlet road hoping we could get to Indian Pond. We almost made it, but turned back because the road was a little too boggy. as this was the first trip of the year, we decided that getting stuck in the woods would be better after a few more trips under our belts.
All in all, it was a wonderfully satisfying day to out in the North woods….and, as we all know, when we’re skunked…”It’s not about the fish.”