Big Bugs for Big Bass

June 10

Smallmouth bass season is just upon us. Although we have had some fantastic daytime tempertures, into the seventies, the night time temps have not really sustained an overall warm up in water temperatures. For bass to begin the spawning ritual we really need to see water tempertures hold in the low sixties. Large female bass abound in the west outlet of the Kennebec, Indian Pond, and Prong Pond, however the techniques to catch them are a little different than our warmer neighbors to the south. Right now bass are glued to structure and not very active in the shallows. A steady diet of sinking flies like buggers and clousers with stop start retrieves will entice strikes but patience is a must.

Reports from local rivers are also favorable, weather wise fishing can suffer from long periods of high pressure so while blue skies and seventy degrees can be good for the soul it might not always help for the fishing! Mayfly hatches are still being seen in great numbers, and great varieties. Make sure the flybox is stocked with all shapes, colors and sizes. Caddis are also showing sporadically along the Moose, Kennebec, and the West Branch of the Penobscot. Remember to skitter your caddis across the surface during the swing this can really entice some great top water action. The blanket hatches haven’t happened yet so grab a handful of elkhair’s and be prepared for some of the best fishing of the season!