Last Call !!!

September 25 – Last Call! Can you believe the summer is over? It feels like it never started, but there are only 5 more days left in the regular open water fishing season. Remember that the East Outlet will remain open for an extended catch and release season beginning October 1st. The way this fall has shaped up I expect October to be a great time to hit the water on the East Outlet
The next 5 days are looking good for fishing, cool nights and overcast days, the perfect weather for swinging a big old streamer across the current. The flow at the East Outlet is at 1355cfs which makes wading a breeze and reports are that some nice fish have entered the river just begging to be caught! Streamers and nymphs are still the choice of the day. All the usual patterns ; grey ghosts, woolly buggers, mitchell creek, footer specials, etc and for nymphs small, 16-18 pheasant tails, hare’s ears, and copper johns should do the trick.
The Roach River has been as consistent as always for solid September fishing. Fish are being found throughout the river at both upper and lower pools. Many fisherman will focus on the pools if your looking to beat the crowds, work the pocket water in between! Just as many fish can be found in between the pools this time of year moving from pool to pool. One way to cover even more ground is to tie a trailing streamer behind the bend of the lead streamer. I like to experiment by tying different combinations of color, size and style, Sometimes fish will hit the lead and sometimes the trailer.