October on the East Outlet

October 7

Even with the cold mornings and the winds of fall the East Outlet is a wonderful place to finish out the season. Water flow is at 1000 cfs so wading is easy, you can even wade across the river in places.

We are earning every fish and you do need a big bag of tricks this time of season to tickle fish that have been in the river awhile. Be sure to swing some streamers, they are getting use to seeing white so try olive or yellow. A Barns Special has gotten some attention the last few days. There have even been some good blue wing olive hatches lately, size 22-24 that fish are sipping early and late in the day.
Not a lot of folks on the river either. No need to start at daybreak, early morning isn’t that productive this time of season. About the time the mist leaves the water fish seem to be waking up. It’s a great time to sit back and have another cup of java before sliding into the long johns and wool socks and three other layers before taking on another day on the water.

As many can remember it wasn’t all that long ago this time of year our fly rods were all put away till another year. It certainly is great to have this extended season with salmon still jumping eye high.

Just remember October can be like May. Water temperature is down to the low 50’s which means a dip in the river is a cold one so be safe.

See you on the river