Project Healing Waters is great fun for everyone involved

August 4, 2006

Although there are nice fish in all the rivers and most of the pools, we are using a big bag of tricks to pull a few rabbits out of the hat.

Take the East Outlet, water level at present is as good as it gets for wading, 1300 cfs. There are still nice fish in every pool along the entire river. You can bring fish to the top with big flies like Stimulators, Tarantulas and foam stones in one pool but not in another. The same goes for nymphing but not consistently on any one fly. Golden or brown stones work in one place and not in another where tiny caddis pupa or a pheasant tail maybe the answer. Yesterday it seemed to be a size 18 Hemingway Caddis along shallow eddy lines that brought both salmon and trout to the surface.

The fact is our regular hatch season is starting to fade. There are small hatches mostly confined to early morning or late evening, usually small dark caddis. Hemingway caddis and soon Henryville caddis will be hatching, dark brown or black. From this point on they will be small, size 16 and smaller.

Fish the big flies over bigger, deeper water and small stuff in shallow water. Fish nymphs along eddy lines everywhere.

We had our annual Project Healing Waters Outing on August 1 st & 2nd. Eight disabled vets and two administrators came to the Moosehead Lake Region for two days of guided drift fishing on the East Outlet. There were some great fishing stories told about battles with salmon, trout and a very large smallmouth that ate a 10″ chub Pappy had on his fly rod. Great times were had by all.

The outing is part of a year long program through the Veterans Administration at Togus in Augusta. During the winter everyone in instructed in fly tying and casting by Trout Unlimited members so they can participate in outings like this during the summer months. Project Healing Waters is a wonderful national organization dedicated to helping disabled vets learn and participate in the sport of fly fishing. We are proud to a part of such a worthwhile cause.

Have a look at our photo page to see pictures of this years outing. Then go to to learn more about how they are helping our disabled vets.