T-Minus 12 Days!!

September 17 – 12 more days to go until the end of open water fishing for most waters!! The East Outlet has been fishing well as of late, we are beginning to see some of the larger spawning fish enter the river. As of yesterday the water temperature was 58 degrees, we have had some very cool nights! Nymphing seems to be the most productive of fishing styles, small pheasant tails, hares ears, and copper johns in the 16-18 range have been effective. Although fish will still chase the big streamer from time to time. Last night the upper end of the east outlet saw an incredible caddis hatch! Strange but true brown caddis in the 12-14 variety were the choice of the evening, definately not something that happens on a typical September evening but we have seen some strange things this year!
Things have really been heating up at the Roach River. It had been quite slow as of late but a bump of 50 more cfs has really done a bunch to draw some more of those spawners in. I had a great evening of fishing with streamers in portions of the lower river which is a good sign and catching brightly chromed, fresh fish in the river was an even better one. At 250 cfs fish can be lurking anywhere in the river. Earlier the focus has been strictly in the pools but with the extra water fish will move around and enter some of the pocket waters which lets us spread out a bit.
The Moose River has finally been brought down to very wadeable levels, it had been running near 2000 for most of the summer. Reports are that there is plenty of activity and good fishing, but not too much in the way of size, but with only twelve days remaining who can complain??

Good luck