The East Outlet Rules!!!

October 3 – The East Outlet flow is now at 1000 cfs and will probably stay that way for awhile. You can literally fish anywhere in the entire river.
Bring your full bag of tricks. Fish this time of season have their mind on each other and not so much on food. Hatch season is over except for late season Blue wing olives in the size 24 range.
What works in one pool doesn’t in the next. My best piece of advice is “If it’s not producing change it”.
Fish from top to bottom. Talk to 10 different anglers and you’ll get 8 different answers. Yesterday we caught fish on top with tiny wets, on the bottom with buggers and nymphs, and took fish swinging big streamers. We had to constantly change our tactics, and we got very nice fish.
The water temps are now in the mid-50’s so fresh fish should start showing but the fish that have been in the river for a while are catchable, you just need to be willing to change tactics often.
Rumor has it there are good numbers of handsome brookies in the upper river. The photo above says it all.
Have a great October. It’s not all about shotguns anymore.