There is no better time to learn about a river

4/11/08 -The East Outlet is at minimum flows as the water people start to fill Moosehead with the remaining run-off.

The river will never be any lower than it is right now. What an opportunity to learn a river. It will become obvious why you catch fish where you do. You might even find a new run you didn’t know was there. You will easily see the deepest parts of the pools, where the deeper runs are, and where the plunge into the pool really begins. You’ll see it all.

Not long ago the river ran at 5000 cfs, which put the water level well beyond the river bed. Now the river is low and you can walk what is now dry river exposed with low water conditions.

I went yesterday with a friend. It was wonderful to be on a river again and we had it all to ourselves. I did get a chance to fish a new Cortland, Big Sky 9′, 6 wt. It’s amazing these days that for under $200 you can have a rod that compares to much more expensive rods. It was a treat to cast right out of the box.

Even though we didn’t hook any fish, the river is spectacular at low water, wading was easy, and it’s teaming with wildlife. There isn’t much open water in these parts so migrating water fowl are all around plus the East Outlet is a wintering area for deer. Deer sign was everywhere. The low water has allowed the deer to get out of the waist deep snow and walk the river bed to feed. I saw 4, one of which walked up on me as I fished. Great stuff. So even though I didn’t hook a fish (yet) it was a wonderful first outing than did my open water deprived soul a world of good.

If you decide to give it a go put in snow shoes if you have them. Walking in the snow would be near impossible. Walking the river is actually quite easy with minimum flows but if the water happens to go up you’ll be faced with deep snow.
We’ll be open 9-5 , Thursday-Sunday during the rest of April so stop in if your get up this way and say Hi. We can once again fuel our passion for running water and the creatures that live there.