Water levels back to wadable levels

July 18

As you can see in the photo above Emily Farley was a very happy camper when she drifted a pair of dries at the head of a pool, on a guided trip at the East Outlet, and hooked not one but a pair of nice brookies. This doesn’t happen very often. Way to go Emily!!!

Water levels have finally subsided to more fishable levels and it looks like they should stay fairly stable if we don’t get any measurable rain in the near future.
High water will screw-up the fishing but it will bring in another crop of fish.
The East Outlet is again full of fish from one end to the other and with water temperatures presently in the low 60’s fishing will hold up for quite some time. The same applies to the Moose River.

The giant stones of summer are now out so it’s time to drift those big stimulators and foam stones over big water. There are still good caddis hatches in the evening, black is the color.

The green drakes have now been hatching for about a week and continue to hatch on some of the area ponds. The water temperature in the ponds remain cool enough to keep the trout out of the spring holes and cruising about in the evenings grabbing whatever in available on the surface. It won’t be long though before the heat of summer drives the trout into spring holes were they will rest fat and happy living on the fat they built up from all those hatches that ends when the drakes quite.

Fishing is holding up nicely for now.