A slow start to the 2013 Season

April 15, 2013

It’s a very slow start to the 2013 open water fishing season in the Moosehead Lake Region. Winter doesn’t want to give it up with additional snowfall just a couple days ago. Daytime temperatures haven’t warmed enough to begin any significant run-off. The lakes and ponds are still buttoned up tight with little or no open water to wet a line.
The water people are now beginning to capture run-off as the snow pack slowly begins to cut lose. The East Outlet is at 511 cfs and will probably remain there until Moosehead is near full which should take a while. Rain in the future will play a major role in how fast lakes fill. Rivers will not see an run of salmon until the lakes are full and flows increase by at least 3 fold.
Smelt are beginning to gather at the mouth of rivers and streams for their annual spawning run as will all the game fish. When the inflow of water rises above 40 degrees the runs begin. Smaller streams will be the first to see runs followed by the bigger rivers.
To start the fishing season my money is on the mouth of the rivers and the smelt runs. Typically run-off is about over when the smelt begin to run. Snow has to be all but gone in the woods before stream waters temperature can rise above 40 degrees. If you have to trudge through any snow to get to the mouth of a stream you are probably jumping the gun.
Temperatures in the Moosehead Lake Region are predicted to moderate in the next few days remaining above freezing overnight. Run-off should begin in earnest soon. As water levels in the lakes and ponds begin to rise open water will appear around the shoreline. Adding some rain to the mix will only speed the process.
Ice is not going to be early this season but it will happen.
We will have our shop ready and open for the new season on May 1st. See you in Greenville.