All the stars are lining up.

May 3

After the false start that had everyone excited about some very early season fishing a week or so ago April managed to returned with rainy days and typical daytime temperatures in the low 40’s. We saw snow flurries a couple of times.
What the return of traditional April weather did was stall the premature advance of a shiny new fishing season. Not a bad thing at all.
Like everywhere in the northeast we were faced with low lake levels and rivers at minimum water flows. Smelt runs had started a week or more ahead of time.
That has now all changed. The lakes are full. There is lots of water flowing in most of the rivers which are presently filling with fish as I type this report. Water temps are staying in the mid 40’s, the smelt run is going on in the Moose River right on schedule and the fish are co-operating quite nicely. There are reports of a 16 lb lake trout taking at the mouth and lots of nice salmon coughing up smelt when they come on board. Many are being taken on top while trolling traditional streamers especially ones with orange beads. The Moose should be filled with fish all the way to the day within the week.
The East Outlet water levels have gone from 500 cfs to 2800 cfs in the last few days. This will insure a good run of fish throughout that river. They will come from Indian Pond and also drop out of Moosehead with the high flow.
With no measurable rain predicted in the near future the water flow should start to drop before long. Get ready for some wonderful river fishing.
Don’t overlook the ponds. They are already fishing very well with some early season surface business already starting.
Stop by the shop and say hi on your way through. It’s a brand new season and we are Celebrating our 30th Year of “Serving the Serious Fisherman”.
We have the NEW Orvis Clearwater rods and reels in plus the all New Orvis Hydros 3D fly lines.
If you get a chance go back to our home page and click on the photo at the top of the page. It’s now a link to our videos and slide shows. We plan on posting regular videos throughout the season. In the current video we were taking advantage of the great early season weather before April returned.