Big Water…Big Fish

Well, we are still experiencing higher than average flows on the East Outlet, it is currently at 5900cfs. This is big time water. We have been running the river with the drift boats and managing to do quite well. The river is full of fish and with bigger water they are pushed into tighter spots. As the water continues to cool, this will bring another batch of fresh fish out of Indian Pond. For the wade fisherman this doesn’t mean too much right now but this set up could really bring some fantastic fishing right through October. Remember the East Outlet is open throughout the year. Consult the law book for rule changes. Right now there are a large number of fish in the river that have not seen a fly or a fisherman all month!
The Roach River remains at an optimal flow right now, 240 cfs, this is ideal for both wading and for the fish as well. A lot of good reports have been coming from the Roach in the past couple of weeks. Things have been slower over the past few days with the bit of Indian summer that we have received so the water has warmed a little. According to the forecast it looks like we can see some of that nice cool weather over the next couple of days which would be a great way to end the open water fishing season.