Brook Trout Study Continues on the Roach River

October 20 – The Moosehead Lake Brook trout study continued last fall with an intense study of the Roach River spawning run. In late August our local fisheries biologists relocated the weir from Socatean Stream, on the western side of the lake, to the Roach River. The intentions of this study is to observe, close hand, the size and the number of wild Moosehead brook trout entering the Roach River to spawn. As fish move into the river on their spawning run they bumped into this weir. They find their way into the large holding cage where they can be netted, then measured, weighted and surgery performed. A certain number of mature male brookies were implanted with transmitters so their movements can be tracked for approximately two years. Most male fish handled were also implanted with a pit tag that contains individual information that specifically I.D.’s that fish. When a fish passes by a receiving antenna or a wand is passed over a pit tagged fish useful information is automatically downloaded and used in the survey.
This is real time, high tech stuff that is taking the biology of fish science to another level entirely. Some of the mysteries of movement, survival during the spawn, and conditions that trigger spawning activity are coming to light.