Day 3

Moving day for us. We’re heading another 10 miles south to a chickee platform at Roger’s River Bay. Our plan is to fish our way well off the main trail through a maze of back tidal creeks. But first we have to pack. Bill and Joe decided it best to hang around for an extra cup of java. They really wanted to see how in hell we were going to get all our stuff into one canoe. When we finally got everything in place with plenty of freeboard remaining the boys took a couple pictures, we shook hands, and they bid ado with a few well chosen parting words “ We have been coming out here for a long time and we have never met another canoe party as well prepared or equipped as you boys.You do have it figured out. We usually have to give’em food to get’em by because they planned on eating lots of fish they don’t know how to catch.” I don’t know if I have ever been bestowed a nicer vote of confidence.
We spent our travel day snook hunting. The boys told us the snook were very hard to find these days. There had been a historic cold spell a few winters back that took it’s toll on many tropical species of fish, especially the snook. They knew a lot of good spots and were having a hard time of it themselves, or so they said.
We soon found their advice to be very true. We fished lots of prime snook holding water along the way and came up short.
We arrived at our chickee platform in plenty of time to get set-up and finish the day fishing a spot the boys had suggested. Some days you get’em and some days you don’t.
As we enjoyed the end of the day on our chickee we spotted something coming around the far point. It became obvious it was headed our way. It turned out to be the local gator just looking for a handout. Since people clean fish there all the time, this big guy must come by to clean things up. He was quite shy before dark then he moved in for a few close-ups. Did you know their eyes glow in the beam of a flashlight? Good thing his domain is four feet below our home on stilts.
Dinner tonight will be spaghetti during a spectacular sunset over Rodgers River Bay. We saw only two other boats all day. Just right.