Early Season Fishing!

May 11

The snow has finally released its grip on the Moosehead area! Smelt runs are in full gear, and water temps are hovering near the 45 degree mark in most lakes, ponds , and rivers. Everything is falling into place, now we are just waiting for those water levels to start to decrease a bit. Most of the rivers are still experiencing extremely high releases but we are seeing signs of a tapering off. As long as we don’t see significant rainfall in the next week things should really begin to back off.
Pond fishing has really started off well this year! With most ponds being relatively shallow and muddy bottomed the warm up really begins quickly. Fish are really starting to wake up in some of the ponds just a few miles from town. Streamer patterns have been very effective, as well as the usual May fly of choice…dragonfly nymphs! Most of the action in the ponds will be around the edges and especially where a small brook is running in. Sinking line or at least sink tip line is a neccessity this time of year. Although if you’re desperate for dry fly action, fishing midges is always effective this time of year. Griffiths Gnat in a size 18 or 20 will do, midges are very small so fish can really be voracious on these little fellows! Remember another exciting pond event is just around the corner..Carpenter ants! Fish the area around the biggest pine tree on the warmest day, and if there is a slight breeze? ..hold on! Some trout will feed exclusively on ants and nothing else for a short period of time so make sure you always have a couple good ant patterns in your box. We are looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces in the shop in the next few weeks and would love to see some new ones as well!!