Ever have a peek into a fish’s mouth?

April 23, 2012

The ice has officially left the region, the smelts are running all over the place, and life as we love it is slowly returning to the north country.
There is no doubt this season has started earlier than most but we are not all that far ahead in this region.
Smelt runs have started but only a week ahead of most years.
Fields and lawns haven’t greened up just yet and the trees still refuse to bud out, at least for now. We saw snow mixed in with the all day rain today. Everything is currently in a holding pattern except the fishing.
It has certainly started and the stars are beginning to line up nicely. We’ve already dipped limits of smelt, had midnight smelt fries, and landed many larger than average, football brookies.
It’s text book fishing. Find the smelt and you’ll find fish. We’ve always said during this time of season 90% of the fish in a large body of water are jammed into a few acres feasting at one of the biggest banquet halls of a fish’s year.
For now it looks like our rivers are going to be very wadeable. Wherever the river meets a lake, smelt patterns or on the menu but upriver nymphs are still the main course. Have a look at the photo above and you’ll see what the salmon were coughing up before the hatches started.
We will be reopening for the season on Friday, April 27th and open everyday till October. We always look forward to the start of another season.