Fall flows starting after Labor Day

August 29, 2013

As the fall spawning season approaches and water temps begin to drop flows on most rivers are increased to attract good numbers of salmon and brookies into the rivers. Some of the biggest fish of the season will be caught from now to the end of the season.
The water people make their calculations in regards to how much water is in the lakes and what increases work so they don’t run out of water too soon.
The results are out and the Roach Pond has enough water to increase the flow to 200 cfs after Labor Day with another likely increase around mid-month.
Seboomook Dam will be increased to 800 cfs about Sept. 1st with another increase around mid-month.
Moosehead will begin a draw down after Labor Day as will the Moose.
All this means there will be good runs of fish as soon as the water increase and as the water temps go down fish will continue to pile in.