Fall is Here!!!

September 5

Well, we have finally got what we have been looking for over the past few weeks….water!! The fall flows have begun at most of the dams so this should mean plenty of fresh fish entering the rivers as we speak! Overnight we also saw well over 2 inches of rain fall, and this is even better news. The East Outlet has bumped up to 2000 cfs, this is a great number for pulling fish into the river and hopefully this flow can remain at that level to continue to bring fish in throughout the month.
The Roach river has seen its annual fall bump and is currently running at 200cfs, which while not a ton of water it should be enough to start things up. We are also expecting another water bump up on the Roach sometime later in the month. The Moose has not seen water yet, typically the Moose will see water levels come up next week. What we are really looking to see right now are new, bright chrome, fresh fish chasing streamers. This will let us know that the spawning fish have returned for the fall and the biggest fish of the year are entering the rivers.