Fall is Near!!

August 29

We are so close to escaping the dog days of summer, this morning it was a whopping 45 degrees out, perfect weather to start bringing down those water temperatures. While most of the water in the area is fairly low this week, everything will change with the approach of Labor Day. Water levels are average to good in most bodies of water around the area, and we will be expecting our normal increases of water at all the dams. This should begin the day after Labor Day give or take. An email from our biologist let us know the Roach River will be increased for the current flow of 80 cfs to 200 cfs on Sept. 4th. This is the scenario we have waited all summer for.
If you follow the fishing report you know that we need increased water flows combined with decreasing water temperatures, the magic recipe for great fall fishing. The higher flows in early September are usually enough to bring the initial round of spawning fish into the rivers, but the key is cooling water temps to keep fish coming! The first fall run of fish will usually feature chrome silver females and the beginning of the colorful hooked jawed male salmon. This early round of fish can be quite aggressive when all you need is a Montreal Whore or a Grey Ghost all day. As the month of September moves along the fish can become more difficult to catch so using your bag of tricks will come in handy. Nymphing is always good in the fall, as are wet flies, and even different stuff like an odd ball streamer in the bottom of the fly box will often prove itself useful.
The flow of water can also affect things. Last year we had ridiculous amounts of water and it was sinking lines throughout the month. Sinking lines or at least sink-tips are a necessity in the fall.
So it’s time to lay plans for fall fishing. It’s our favorite time of season. The fabulous colors of fall are not that far away and the biggest fish of the season are going to start showing up.
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