Fish On!!

May 19

If May is any indication, we are looking to have a fantastic fishing season! The water levels have come down across the area, all the rivers are at wadable levels and the fishing is great. This is definately one of our favorite times of year the to fish. With smelt runs over but water temperatures still hovering around the 50 degree mark almost all techniques for fly fishing can be used. From sinking lines and streamers, nymphing, and even dry flies can all be effective depending on the weather, time of day, etc. This time of year most people would pound the water with streamer flies but this is not quite necessary this year. Warm weather this weekend and throughout next week combined with the lower water levels can turn some of the fish off to streamers. Bright sunny days will require some heavy nymphing, as fish tend to hold on bottom. The early season mayflies have really been coming off in the past few days so dry fly season should be right around the corner. Keep in mind, especially on the river, early season fish have a tendency to ignore the initial Blue Wing Olive mayfly offerings so be prepared to be a flexible! Its amazing looking back at previous year’s fishing reports how surprisingly consistent our insects hatch and fish behave. Like clockwork the mayflies begin hatching in the last week of May, and the first week in June will see our first caddis sightings.
For now we are swinging streamers and bouncing the bottom with nymphs in the a.m. then switching to dries in the p.m.
Don’t overlook the many trout ponds in the region. The great weather of the last few days has started the mayfly hatches across the board. Hatches of Blue Dunns and Hendricksons will start around noon and last all afternoon. What could be better!!!
Fly fishing season has truly begun. Stop in and say Hi on your way by!! Life begins again.