Fish On!

May 17, 2013

The warm weather of two weeks ago is certainly gone and temperatures have returned to standard issue in the northwoods ie…cold! Water temperatures have also returned to normal so there is no need to worry about the water warming to quickly. Water levels are still low, but the good news is the lake is very close to full, and looking at the most recent 10 day weather forecasts we are definitely in for some rainy weather next week. This should give us the boost of water were looking for. At the East Outlet the water is low, 500cfs, but this is great for wade fishing. It makes almost all of the river completely accessible, its a fantastic time to see the pools from a different angle and learn more about the shape of the river. Fish are very hungry and very aggressively feeding on anything they can get their mouths on. Hatching activity has slowed with the cooler and windy weather, but fish are chasing streamers hard as well as biting on a lot of nymph patterns. The sucker spawn is in high gear.
It depends on who you talk to regarding the Moose River. Their are lots of fish at the dam pool which should translate into fish throughout the river. Some folks are boasting lots of fish on Big streamers and others say they are finding few fish.
Word from the ponds is that the action is heating up as brook trout are cruising the water looking for their favorite spring time snacks; dragonfly nymphs, small streamers and mayflies. Gear wise, full sinking lines are not necessary with lower water, a sink tip or even a floating line should do just fine. Fish have begun to look up.