Fish On !!

June 22

Caddis season is in full swing right now and this is the time we have been waiting all year for. Hatches have been steady on all the rivers and almost anytime of day, morning and evening of course being prime feeding times. We are seeing a large variety of caddis species and size which still can pose a bit of a challenge. Remember our sport is called “fishing” not “catching”! Most of our success has been with smaller patterns of size 16 and even 18 varieties. One suggestion when fishing these smaller flies is too use one smaller fly tied off the back of a larger “indicator fly. This allows you to see the general area where your smaller fly is. Remember to use the indicator fly to see the general area of both your flies, focusing solely on the bigger indicator will cause you to miss hits on the smaller offering. Imagine the indicator fly sitting in the middle of a hula hoop sized area and any splash in the area is likely at one of your flies.
We have still been very successful with larger fish using nymph rigs and streamers. Sinking tips or sinking lines are no longer necessary as most fish are keying in on the surface for food. As far as nymphs go getting down is the most important thing. The river is still high and to get a nymph rig to the bottom requires weight. We suggest using a double set up. This time of year a big stonefly makes an excellent first fly, double beadheaded, tungsten, anything that will get the fly down. Usually something smaller can be tied off the first fly, caddis nymphs, hares ear, or pheasant tails are all excellent choices. To seal the deal some split shot between the two flies will give your rig the extra weight it needs. Nymphing can always test your patience but the reward is usually high, as the largest fish of the summer will usually be taken sub surface.