Fishing holds up and water levels remain stable

August 3, 2013

Unseasonably cool weather has kept the water temperature in the river in the low to mid-60’s which is very favorable for river fishing. Combine that with good water levels on both the East Outlet and the West Branch and summer fishing is holding up well.
Normally at this time of season most of the trout and salmon have moved from the E.O. into the lake in search of cooler water but this summer a good number of big salmon still remain throughout the river. We’ve been using a big bag of tricks catching fish on small caddis, big dries, weighted nymphs and soft hackle wets in the film.
There are still good hatches of tiny black caddis as well as tan caddis early in the morning. With no major daytime hatching fish are not showing so you have to drift over every inch of likely water. Change flies often and fish from the top to the bottom. Folks we have been talking to are catching big salmon on a lot of different flies.
These days fish are willing to take a soft hatch wet fly fished in the film. Cast 45 degrees down stream, make an upstream mend and swing the wet slowly across the current. Start with a short line then add a couple feet to each cast so to cover as much water as possible. This time of season fish will not chase a fly very far so you have to make it easy for a fish to get your fly. Fish usually just sip wets so all of a sudden your line just comes tight. We have been catch our biggest salmon swinging little wets in a variety of colors. The photo above is one of a number of big fish Jeremy caught on Aug. 1st swinging wets and meticulously working every bit of water.
Last summer we spent a day with the fisheries biologist during their East Outlet fish ladder survey. It’s always interesting to see what they are up to. Here is the link to a video we put together about the study.