Ice is officially out !!!

May 6, 2011

Ice has left the north country for another season.
It was officially called out @ Moosehead on Wednesday and quickly disappeared everywhere else in the last few days although there are still plenty of snow drifts left in areas where the sun does reach.
With the measurable rain we had this week the rivers are currently sky high, and well over their banks. With no more measureable rain in the forecast they should start to drop steadily in coming days. The result of all this high water will be fish, especially salmon. They are will entering the rivers now and when fishable levels return there will be lots of fresh, eager to chase streamer fish everywhere. The photo above was on our first trip down the East Outlet last season. This healthy brookie was probably a Moosehead trout that came over the dam from the lake during the early high water of last season.
For now the small ponds will begin to produce fine brook trout fishing. There are maps and a “Small Pond” guide on our website that will lead you to many of the countless wild trout pond not far from Greenville.
Just remember the frost is still coming out of the back roads and there can be some very soft spots especially along the shoulders. Pick your parking spots wisely.
Smelt runs have started and should last throughout this week. The early season banquet for a lot of hungry fish is in full swing.
It’s time to make tracks as life begins again in the north country. There is no time to waste.
See you on the water