It’s big bug season!!

June 26, 2013

Water, water everywhere. Will it ever stop raining?
Yesterday’s predicted wild weather managed to miss this area so not much rain fell around here. As a result water once again began to go down on the Moose and East Outlet as well as the West Branch of the Penobscot.
We have been spending a lot of time on the East Outlet and just two days ago the summertime golden stoneflies began to hatch. Even though they mainly hatch at night and you don’t see many during the day fish let you know they are around. All of a sudden fish start trying to eat your strike indicator when your nymphing. Up until now you could drift a big dry around all day with little success. Now that the big stones are out a size 8 Stimulator, or Tarantula does the trick. Daytime caddis hatches are about done so we aren’t seeing as much surface activity during mid-day as we were but the fish haven’t gone anywhere. Now that the golden stones are out we tie on something big with maybe a beadhead or a elk wing caddis as a dropper then drift the pair over all the water where we know fish are holding. Every now and then, out of nowhere, fish will rocket to the surface and grab one or the other. It’s exciting fishing that brings the biggest fish to the surface and when they make the commitment they mean business.
Drake season on the ponds is just around the corner. There has been no reports of hatches just yet. My prediction is the week of the 4th will see hatches on many of our ponds. If you have even hit a monster mayfly hatch you already know what a magical time it is.
Have a peek at our photo page to see some of the latest trip fish. We have been boating some bruiser salmon.
Below is a link to the Bangor Daily News outdoor writer John Holyoke’s article about our day spend fishing with John Craig of Buckport, winner of this year’s Win a Drift Boat Trip from the Bangor Daily News. We had a great time.