Its Go Time !!!!

Fall has begun on the Roach River! While the area didn’t see a deluge of rain as was predicted, we still got in the neighborhood of three inches. While most of the area river flows stayed stable the Roach River got pounded with a heavy release and lots of fresh fish in the river. Two days of flows in the 600 cfs range( which is big water on the roach) has brought huge numbers of fresh brook trout and salmon into the river. This is streamer fishing at its finest, catch it at the right time and place and you can do no wrong. All the classic streamer patterns should do the trick. Montreal Whores, Shufelts, and of course the Grey Ghost should do quite nicely. If the water is deep enough a sink tip line can also help a lot. As of today the flow in the Roach is 200cfs, this is ideal for bringing fish in as well as a very safe level for wading. The outlook for the month is to hold at the 200cfs level with periodic bump ups throughout the month. This should be a fantastic fall.
As far as the East Outlet goes, due to heavy rain and flooding further downriver flows have remained lower than most would think. As we have said Moosehead is brimming with water, so no concerns there. Typically the river will get bumped up sometime in the next week. Until then we should still consider the Kennebec as “summer” fishing. We have not yet had a heavy release of water therefore we have not seen a batch of new fish yet. On the bright side temps are really cooling off and we are seeing fall like weather, so fish are definately beginning to come around and feed more actively. If your fish the outlet you should still consider small dries, caddis, etc as well as nymphing. When you see the water levels rise then its time to bust out the streamers!