Its June!!

Well we got what we were asking for! Rain…and a lot of it. We will hopefully begin to see water levels lower this week as long as we stay clear of measurable rain.
The East Outlet, currently running at 5800cfs, is really big water! We have had some very nice fishing on the drift boats. Fish are loving a steady diet of streamers and nymphs. The water temperature is rapidly rising during the past few days of temps in the 80’s. Last Wednesday we had water temps at 46 in the river, yesterday it was 55. Although we generally prefer water temps to rise a little slower it does bring us closer to the time we’re all waiting for….Caddis. We have been seeing small numbers of caddis in the river but not enough to call it a “hatch”. With water levels high don’t expect to be hooking into many fish on dry flies quite yet. This time of year can be a real transitional phase on the river. Fish are filling the river from Indian Pond, remember these are fish that have been eating a steady diet of smelt for the past year, these fish can sometimes take a while to “learn” how to eat bugs. Generally caddis season will begin anytime from now through June 15, if this coincides with water levels dropping we will be in for a fantastic dry fly season.
The West Branch has also fished well with the mayfly hatches every afternoon for the last week. They may be about over but the beginning of Caddis season is just around the corner. This is when the action really heats up on the Penobscot.
All of our waters are really chocked full of fish and as you can see in the photo above, rather nice ones! Tis the season!!