Life begins again!!!

April 29

The weather took a turn for the better last week with daytime temperatures in the high 60’s that vaporized a lot of snow and ice. Moosehead Lake was called out yesterday the 28th. Word is coming in lakes well north of here are ice free as well. With a forecast for more of the same for the rest of the week ice will be a distance memory by the weekend.
Now that the snow has all but left the woods smelt have started to run in the smaller local streams already. It won’t be long before runs will be going on everywhere.
Fishing around the mouth of big rivers should light up nicely by the weekend.
It will be big traditional streamers and sinking lines to start. Until hatches begin later in the month you’ll need your sinking line. Fish aren’t looking up just yet.
The fly shop officially opens for the season on May 1st.
We’ll be open everyday. We hope to see you on your way through.