Memorial Weekend Report – 2013

We have great, good, and a bit of bad news to report.
The bad news is we have been fishing in the rain all week and probably will be for a couple more days.
The good news is the fishing has been very good for fishermen willing to tough it out. Mayflies have been hatching in the afternoon on the East Outlet for a week now and on the West Branch for most of the week.
Nymph fishermen have been having a field day on the East Outlet. Water flow has been extremely favorable with fish stacked in all the deeper runs.
The bug garden is growing and every bug that lives in the river is crawling around the bottom. Mayflies, caddis, and stonefly nymphs are all there so just about any nymph will catch fish.
A good starting point for the nymph guy is a pheasant tail, or hare’s ear in natural or olive in plain or flashback. There will also be a small black stone fly hatch sometime soon so a small weighted stone fly with a hare’s ear dropper would be a good way to start your day. Caddis are next in line to hatch so caddis pupa are also on the menu.
Small pond fishing couldn’t get much better. The pond mayflies are hatching mid-day. A group I know have been catching big numbers of brookies in a number of different ponds and most right on top.
Have a great holiday weekend.