NREC Annual Outing

August 7

All the smiling faces above are the result of NREC’s (Natural Resource Education Center) Annual Indian Pond Outing. This year over 20 kids, ranging in age from 6-14 signed up for a day of fishing with Dan, our regional fisheries biologists, and local volunteers.
The day started with a fly casting demonstration and fly casting lessons by Dan then a total of six boats took the gang out on Indian Pond for a day of fishing lessons around the pond. Although fly fishing was on the agenda we did a lot of spin fishing as well. Everyone had a great time fishing with some very fine smallmouth caught. Everyone practiced catch and release so all fish were release unharmed.
My gang desperately wanted to keep the first big bass that came to the boat but after we talked at length about the benefits of catch and release, proper handling and, returned the first one, every other fish they caught was handled with great care, a photo was taken, and happily released unharmed. It was great to see.