Our Calendar Girl

October 5

Lauri Boucher is our star fisherman of this fall. She has been reeking havoc on the East Outlet salmon. Laurie and her husband Rich are official members of the Hoover Vacuum Team. The photo above is just one of many she hauled in the other day on the East Outlet. Ask Laurie and she’ll tell you late season fishing can have some fine rewards.
Although most rivers are closed at this time the East & West Outlets of the Kennebec remain open. There are still plenty of fish to be caught and I must say the quality of the salmon in the East Outlet could not be any better.
The river is full of fish and with water flows up in the last couple of days there should be more fish in the river within a couple of days.
We’ve been catching fish with a variety of flies and methods. There are fish out there that are willing to chase a streamer and a long line and aggressive retrieve seems to work the best. Make’em chase it!!
For the fish that are sick of chasing streamers, nymphing along eddy lines has been producing some beauties. Smaller nymphs size 14-18 are working better than bigger ones. If I only had one it would be a pheasant tail but we’ve been catching’em on lots of others as well.
Swinging soft hackle wets at the tail ends of the pools also appeals to fish. Fish’em slow and patiently.
The one thing that seems to be the most consistent in regards to all methods is there isn’t one fly that seems to work very long no matter which method you’re using. My best advise is, if you catch a fish on a fly change it because I bet you’ll have a hard time catching another one on it. I can’t count the days we didn’t catch two fish on the same fly. I’m not saying it won’t happen. What I am implying is it usually takes a lot of different flies to catch any amount of fish this time of season. If a flies isn’t working change it.
Have a great October on the water.