River levels are just right & the Drakes keep coming

July 12, 2013

River levels have finally become favorable for waders.
Soon after the 4th water levels began to drop to where they are now. The East Outlet has been flowing at 1700 cfs for a week now and with nice weather predicted for the future great wading conditions should continue. The river is full of fish from one end to the other and with water temps still in the low 60’s there will be plenty of action for some time to come. Caddis are still hatching early morning and evening as are the stone flies. Have a look on the rocks along the shore and you’ll see lots of stonefly cases. Fish any color Stimulator with an elk wing caddis or beadhead nymph as a dropper and you should see plenty of action. I will say brookies in the upper river are beginning to refuse some flies. If they do give’em something they haven’t seen. Nymphing along eddy lines continue to work and we are getting some of the biggest salmon on nymphs.
The drakes are continuing to pop on the ponds. Hatches have been behind schedule so you still have time to catch good hatches on many of the backcountry waters.
We took a lot of early season video in the spring and have finally edited it into a video. If you want to have a look at some early season action here is the link to our NEW VIDEO.