Stonelflies, Caddis and Dries…Oh My!!

July 12

Topwater fishing season is in full swing with the arrival of stoneflies this week. Water levels and water temps are perfect considering that we are well into the second week of July. The river has been running consistently between 1500- 1900 cfs, this is ideal for both wading as well as holding fish. The majority of fish we are catching are with dry flies on the surface. Caddis, stoneflies, stimulators, and tarantulas are our flies of choice. The larger tan caddis of June have moved along, darker bodied and smaller caddis have been much more effective this week. A stimulator with a small caddis tied off the hook bend is an excellent choice this time of year. Small streamer, soft hackles and nymphs are also consistently bringing in fish.
Pond fishing is continuing to hold on despite some warm daytime temperatures. Green drake hatches have become fairly sporadic, look for ponds with higher elevations if you want to find the big mayflies. Very soon the ponds will shut down for a few weeks as the warm temps will drive the fish deeper into the spring holes.
Smallmouth fishing has remained very good. Bass are still being caught on the surface, as always structure, structure, structure. As the water starts to warm look for the bass to begin their migration to cooler waters. Instead of looking for the stump fields areas with moving, deeper water will also be key as we move into summer fishing.