Summer has arrived!

June 8

Our rainy days of May have finally passed and this past week we have been experiencing some phenomenal weather! Abundant sunshine and temps in the 70’s ,feels really nice after our cold and rainy spring. Water levels on the rivers have also subsided. The east outlet is currently running at 3700 cfs which isn’t ideal for wading. It still lets you access a few spots to work a nymph or a streamer. With flows at this level still keep working a sinking line or at least a sink tip this is deeper water right now and fish wont be seen as much on the surface. Caddis and mayflies are now hatching throughout the river, although the water level will need to make another more significant drop before we can really start the dry fly season. Last year was a very early year and we reported the first caddis hatches on the third of June, this year appears to follow the norm so look for things to really start popping in the next couple weeks.
Ponds are still running smoothly as well, consistent mayfly hatches seem to be occurring each evening around most of the ponds right in the Greenville area. Bass fishing is also reaching its peak right now. Water temps are ideal and bass are taking flies on the surface.
The summer tourist season is quickly approaching. We have a good three week period before the crowds arrive. Now is a perfect time for a trip up to Moosehead.