The Caddis are Coming!

May 31

Well the first chapter of our fishing season is about to end and a very exciting chapter is ahead…dry flies!! Right now we are in a little bit of a transition time, the fish aren’t quite sure if they’re ready to look up for food, or to keep their heads down. Just when we think its time to put away the sink-tip lines and streamers and bring out the dry fly box the fish can make us change our tune. Currently we are seeing a great deal of hatching on the outlet, varieties of mayflies and even a few caddis the other day. However, we are not finding many fish rising to take these offerings. Bright sunny days and wind have probably kept the fish down but overall cool water temperatures are the culprit, and cool temps at the beginning of June are certainly not a bad thing! Nymphing is providing the most consistent fishing right now, pheasant tails, hares ear, and any kind of caddis larva or pupa should work. If we don’t see fish feeding on the surface you can bet that they’re getting steady meals underneath. Streamers can still work, but typically as May transitions to June streamers will become less and less effective. If you scroll down the “Fishing Report” take a look at reports from the past few years, if you check out each June you will find one thing in common, the “drop everything and get up here”, or “Caddis Caddis Caddis” report is always between June 3rd and the 15th. So prepare the dry flies for battle! We will see you on the river.