Two Weeks Left!!!!( And We Now Have Water!!!)

September 15 – The Roach River has finally seen its annual charge of water, as expected it has been raised to 150cfs, not a lot of water but certainly enough to pull a charge of fish into the river. Combined with some real cold temperatures and rain this should be a great combo for fall fishing. Reports from anglers this morning indicate brookies are already throughout the river.
As usual new fish in the river means streamer fishing! These new fish have spent the entire season in the big lake. They don’t know the difference between mayflies and caddis flies nor do they care. They have been feeding primarily on smelt, minnows, and other fish. Unlike the springtime, fish in the fall have not entered the rivers to feed they are there to spawn and defend spawning territory. We use streamers to provoke reactions from fish looking for spawning territory, so sometimes the bigger the better, 8x long, #2, and #4 streamers. Don’t be shy about throwing out an enormous streamer. You are just trying to catch the attention of a fish that has a lot more on his mind.
Although the East Outlet hasn’t seen an flow of water the overall water temps are still going down rapidly and new fish are entering the river. The EO is not seeing a lot of pressure right now so its really a great time to explore the river and maybe find some new secret spots.

The water has officially been turned on. After speaking with the dam keeper we have been informed that the Moose is now cranked to 900 for the rest of the month, that is prime fish pulling flow. The East Outlet will have some survey work being done on Thursday the 16th which will fluctuate the water drastically over the course of the day, but Thursday evening the water will be brought up 1800 cfs probably for the remainder of the month.
The East Outlet remains open through the month of October but the other big rivers close the last day of September, so you better hurry if you want to get in on same great fall fishing. This is when we catch some of the biggest fish of the season.