What a strong finish !!

October 1 – The last week of the regular season ended with a bang. Even though rain tried to dampen some spirits it came mainly at night and the increased waters flow just brought in more fish.
As usual the rivers were all full of beautiful fall salmon and trout. The fisheries biologists are conducting a study of the Roach River spawning run resulting in a very impressive fish count in excellent condition. Fishermen were also impressed with the quality of the Roach River run catching many larger than normal fish. The reduction of lake trout in Moosehead plus the aggressive smelt stocking effects seem to be paying off.
Our Fox Hole trips went very well. Everyone had a wonderful time. The Upper Penobscot (Fox Hole) also saw a good run of fish. We caught more larger fish this fall than we have in quite some time. Reports from other anglers around us were about bigger fish than usual. You’ll find a number of Fox Hole trip pictures on our Photo Page. The photo above this report is of Brian Porter from Cape Cod who was accompanied by his father Richard. I’ll have to give top rod honors to Brain. If there was a fish out there to be caught he knew how to get’em and landed an impressive number of salmon in the 4 day trip.
So now that the regular season is over we’ll focus our effects on the East & West Outlets of the Kennebec which remain open to catch and release fishing. Water flows on the E.O. have remained at 1200 cfs which is excellent wading conditions. The same game still applies as it did yesterday. Bring your entire bag of tricks. The river is full of fish and many salmon don’t show up till October. A lot of quality fishing time still remains.
The West Outlet is the sleeper stream most folks simply overlook. It’s flow is a gentle 132 cfs and it never changes. There is always a run of fall fish, certainly not the numbers the East Outlet has but every one of the upper pools holds a few nice salmon and trout. It can be accessed by the Somerset Jct road just north of the bridge on Rt.6/15 . The road follows the river for about 5 miles to the railroad trestle. There are a number of access points along the way.
So don’t pack your rods away just yet. The foliage is peaking and the fish are still chasing flies.
See you on the river.