A picture is worth a thousand words

April 27, 2014

It is currently snowing in Greenville. It won’t amount to much but melting is on hold.
Unfortunately we haven’t gained much on winter’s grip here in the north country. The ice has hardly budged in a week and although the snow pack has dropped considerably it is far from gone if you go north of Greenville.
The water people are currently holding water back in an attempt to fill our lakes. Moosehead is rising steadily everyday. This means the East Outlet is at it’s annual low flow of 511 cfs until the need comes to increase the flow which could take a week or more.
At minimum flow 1/3rd of the river bed is above water so its easy to go anywhere and a perfect time to learn the dynamics of a river. You’ll find where all the deeper water is, where runs are located and where structure is. You’ll begin to understand why you always find fish in certain areas. When the water is up it can all look the same. But when the flow is low it’s easy to see why fish hold in particular spots.
Every bug that exists is crawling around on the bottom so nymphing is the way to go and they have to be fished along the bottom. Fish that have been in the river all winter have been making a living rooting bugs out from around rocks and they haven’t seen a smelt in six months.
You will find some holdover fish around the dam and the upper pools of the East Outlet but the river won’t see fish throughout until the flow is ramped up. Gamefish are beginning to mass at the mouth where smelt are gathered anticipating warmer water and their spawning run. Any big increase in flow will attract a run of salmon into the river. It only takes a few days of high water and the river will fill with fish. The same goes for the Roach River.
For now any open water is fare game and many streams entering a body of water will begin to see a gathering of smelts and game fish. It takes sinking lines and big smelt patterns at the mouth of the river. When the temperature of the stream water entering a body of water exceeds 40 degrees smelt will begin to spawn upstream.
It’s all going to come undone before long and the season will be in full swing but it’s not going to happen today.
The shop is now open for the season.
It just needs to start raining hot water to get the ball rolling.