Caddis, Caddis, Caddis

June 22, 2015

Caddis hatches have started on all the rivers beginning with the bright green body elk wing. They will be replaced with olive body elk wing. Caddis hatches will now continue for the rest of the summer.
How fish feed on caddis can be the most difficult to figure out. Caddis become adults subsurface and many end up as cripples flopping around on the surface or dead in the film of the water. A beautiful drag free drift is not always the answer. At times it is essential to skitter your caddis around on the surface. Just lift your rod to skip the caddis upstream a few feet then dead drift it back over the same water. Fish key on the skipping bug then grab it when it drifts back downstream.
If fish appear to be feeding on caddis in the surface film and aren’t interested in your dry version try not treating your caddis and allow it to get wet so you can fish it in the film. Also soft hackle wets are an important method for tricking fussy fish as well as caddis pupa bounced along the bottom. When you are nymphing during caddis season make sure to allow the nymphs to swing and rise to the surface. Fish often chase caddis pups as they come to the surface to hatch and grab them on their way up.
Fishing caddis hatches can prove to be very frustrating but if you bring your full bag of caddis tricks and use them all you’ll likely be able to put more in the net than if you only go with the drag free drift you use with mayflies.
Continued rainfall has the Moose River and East Outlet running high but the West Outlet, Roach and West Branch are still at great levels and fishing well.
Pond hatches have slowed but before long the monster mayflies will start showing when big trout bulk up before retreating to spring holes to wait out the heat of summer.
During this time of season when caddis hatches are regular it can be dry flies all day long. What could be better.