Caddis, Caddis Everywhere

June 16, 2014

Caddis started hatching in earnest on the East Outlet last week. Bright green body caddis hatched the entire length of the river. It was a beautiful thing and fish responded everywhere. The same happened on the West Branch just two days ago. The olive caddis have since joined all those apple green guys. Hatches should continue for some time now on all the rivers.
When major caddis matches begin everything changes. The perfect drag-free drift required during mayfly season becomes much less important. Caddis actually become adults subsurface and once above water often bounce about on the surface trying to get airborne. Fish often key in on this component of a hatch.
So at the end of your perfect drag free drift try skipping your fly upriver a few feet then drift your fly back over that same water. Your skittering bug may get the attention of a fish eager for a morsel, then as it drifts back will rocket to the surface to pick it off before it gets away. There are lots of days during caddis season this kind of approach is the answer to bringing fish up to dries when there is no hatch or bugs on the water.
The West Branch doesn’t seem to be affected by the last rainfall with water flow remaining at 2400 cfs.
But during the last round of bad weather the Moose River drainage received nearly 4″ of rainfall forcing water levels in the Moose below Brassua Dam to rise as was the case at the East Outlet. Word is levels will begin to fall in a day or two and when it does we’ll be fishing dry flies all day long.
The West Branch doesn’t seem to be as affected by the last rainfall and with water flow remaining at 2400 cfs.