Catch me if you can !!

September 21, 2014

The spawning runs are finally in full swing. Rivers are now full of the biggest fish of the season.
Beautiful fish like the one in the photo are getting fooled by anglers everyday. It may take every trick in the book to intice one but any pool or run could hold the biggest fish of your season. It may take a tiny pheasant tail or copper john or the biggest white topped streamer in your box. They may grab your woolly bugger or golden retriever or maybe that partridge and orange soft hackle wet fly you tied during the dead of winter. If you are fortunate enough to put one of these beauties in the net you’ll remember their eye high leaps for freedom throughout the off season.
It won’t be long before we cease chasing these gorgeous creatures so they can go about the business of being wild.
But for the remainder of the season the opportunity of matching withes with the biggest and best can leave you with thoughts that will be with you for all time.