Change is in the air

May 18, 2016

Although streamer fishing is still in season you’ll have to start shopping around in your streamer box for different ones to try. Now that smelt have dispensed traditional smelt patterns aren’t as effective as they were. What worked yesterday may not work today. What worked in the morning may not work in the afternoon.
If you know there are fish there change if your doing nothing. We like the 3 fly rule. If you don’t interest fish with three different flies that have worked in the past it’s time to move on. When your fly starts getting attention it will probably work for a while.
Also nymphing becomes more important these days. Fish that were new to the river and have now been in the river for a while discover the insects and begin feeding heavily on nymphs. You will find a hog-pog of bugs on their menu and catch fish on a number of different patterns. Every bug that exists is crawling around the bottom. Right now there are bright green and olive caddis lava getting ready to pupate and fish are keying in on them because they are available. There are a lot of fish in the rivers we just have to work a little harder to interest them in what we have to offer.
Hatches are still a ways out. The water actually cooled down a couple of degrees the last few days putting hatches off for a while.
It’s a different story on the trout ponds. Guys are saying you can’t do much wrong. Fish are feeding on top. The Wood Special or a Hornberg are hard to beat when fished just under the surface. And don’t forget your mayfly selection. It should include Adams, Blue Dunns, Black Gnats and Quill Gordons. With the warming trend predicted over the next few days ponds are poised to explode with the first major hatches of the season.
Have a great week.