Cheeseburger Season

July 10, 2015

It’s cheeseburger season on all our rivers. There is no other time quite like it. Golden stonesflies have begun to show. They are nighttime hatches so you won’t see many around during the day. The best indicator that golden stone are around is fish start trying to eat your strike indicator when you’re nymphing. Have a close inspection of the shoreline along the river and you should fine plenty of shucks on the rocks and on the bark of any cedar tree.
It’s time to dust off your box of big bugs and step-up your leader diameter considerably. Bigger flies are not very aerodynamic and will corkscrew when cast twisting your leader. We’ll go to 3X or 2X leaders to stop the problem. These days we’re using size 8 or 10 Stimulators and Tarantulas. They will bring the biggest fish up in the deepest water and when a bigger fish shows they means business. It’s great stuff.
The ponds are in full bloom with drake hatches. They are just getting going and trout are making pigs of themselves dining on what will be their last feast before they retreat to spring holes to wait out the heat of summer.
Water levels remain excellent for wading and water temps are just now reaching 60 degrees. It’s a great time of season.
Have a great weekend on the water.
Support your local fly shop. There aren’t many left.