Coming soon to a pond near you

June 19th, 2016

Hatches have been frequent and heavy and fish are getting very fussy about what they want to eat. With the banquet hall full of food fish can become quite choosy. Fish begin refusing the very flies they couldn’t get enough of a day ago. They get fat and happy and a bit fuzzy.
Deciding on what caddis to tie on can be a challenge at times.
This time of season it pays to have a look around before you tie on your favorite caddis imitation. Before going through your fly box rattle a few alders along the river. There should be lots of bugs flutter out.
With an exception regarding size caddis can look very similar. Their wings will probably appear mottled in color. One might be a bit darker than another. Any natural elk wing caddis will imitate most naturals. The difference between them will be body color. Grab a few, flip’em over and have a look at the body. You’ll likely find a few different colors. Presently there has been bright green, olive, tan, and orange and brown bodied caddis. If there is one predominate color start with it but don’t forget about the others. These days we may see two or three different caddis in the air at once.
Now the plot thickens. Before you begin fishing have a look at the water for feeding fish. Fish dining on adult caddis floating along on the surface film will probably show their nose or back as as they take the bug from the surface. A boil of water shows fish are taking bugs just under the surface. And a splashy rise indicates fish feeding on emerging caddis. Feeding fish can tell you if your fly should be flirting around on the surface or just subsurface imitating a crippled or emerging caddis.
Doing a little homework before you get to the fishing part will improve your odds of fooling more fish. Oh don’t forget to flirt your caddis about on the surface. Hold your rod tip high and give it a flick. It doesn’t take much to make your bug look like the real deal.
Water levels in the rivers couldn’t be better and this time of season it can be dries all day long. The rivers are still fishing well but fat happy fish are beginning to be fussy.
The word of the day are “If first you don’t succeed, try another fly.”
It’s also time to dig our your Drake collection. The monster mayflies of summer are due to show on a pond near you.
Stop by the shop on your way through. We have a wonderful selection of drakes and their nymphs. We also now carry the very life-like J:son mayflies. They’re like nothing you have ever seen before.
Have a great week of fishing.