Dries all day long

July 4, 2015

July is already upon us and the monster mayflies that hatch on all the lakes and ponds are about ready to made an appearance. The great weather predicted for the coming week should get the ball rolling.
Now is the time you need to baby sit your favorite haunts. The first night of the hatch can be magical. The biggest trout in the pond are on top, making pigs of themself. Lay out anything that resembles those monster mayflies and they’ll eat it! What a thrill it is to pick off cruising trout on flat calm water.
There are lots of imitations around and they work well at given times. The drakes mostly are a yellow/brown color but also all gray and even pale yellow or green. Its good to carry all the different colors in size 8 just in case. A good nymph is just as important as the dries. A nymph called the Maple Syrup has gotten lots of attention in the last few years. It’s a tan chenille body with a yellow calf tail and a brown soft hackle collar. Tied on a streamer hook it’s long enough to imitate the nymph very well. Remember to use a good stout leader on these big bugs or they will spin in the air as you cast and twist your leader. 3X tippet should do the trick.
Take a flashlight along because you’ll be staying until the end. The Hex hatch happens just before dark. Hatches will usually last about a week on any pond with the deeper, higher elevation and northern ponds hatching last. Allagash Lake for instance doesn’t usually pop till mid to late month.
While you’re waiting around for the hatch to start hook-up your sinking line with a nymph so you can work the bottom for a couple hours before the light starts to fade.
You should find fish cruising around looking for an early meal.
Make a long cast and use a very slow steady retrieve. Be sure to lift your rod at the end of your retrieve to bring the nymph all the way to the surface. You’ll be amazed at how many fish follow it and take just before it gets to the top. This is the time hardcore pond fisherman have been waiting for all year. The big boys come out feeding on top.
Our rivers couldn’t be in better shape. Flows are perfect and every fish is looking up. We are past our all day caddis blitzes but there are still plenty of sporadic hatches throughout the day. The unseasonably cool rainy weather has kept water temps just right.
Make sure to skittle you caddis about on the surface to imitate crippled caddis flopping about or egg laying activity. If there are no fish showing cover all the water with dries first and if nothing comes to your bug try swing soft hackle wet flies just below the surface. Partridge & Olive, Hare’s ear and Nancy’s Prayer have been very effective the last few days.
Have a great 4th of July and good luck on the water.