Dries all Day

June 24, 2016

All day caddis hatches are about over which is not a bad thing. When there are caddis all over all day long fish can get very picky. They have been through the buffet line and not that larger to go back for seconds. As they say “Fish are fat and happy.” When thats going on it can be hard to get two fish on the same fly.
Now that there isn’t as much food available fish are much easier to fool. Even though you may not see feeding fish everywhere they are all looking up. Yesterday was a prime example. Once we figured out what they wanted we caught fish on the same bugs all day long. There were very few fish showing but all the guys had to do was cover all the water and skip their caddis around. And when we did find a feeding fish attacked our flies instead of ignoring them.
We used a small elk wing as the first fly and an emerger as the dropper. It did the trick on both the East Outlet and the West Branch. Be sure to rattle a few alders to find out whats been hatching before you get in the water. A little homework will help the process of getting the right body color of your caddis over fish.
The Green Drakes are do to start showing on a pond near hear any day now. The hot weather predicted for the next few days should do the trick. It’s time to baby sit your favorite pond. When it happens it’s a magical evening.
Have great weekend.