Fall Fishing in Full Swing

September 19, 2016

Small ponds are at their best. Fish coming out of the spring holes and are on a pre-spawn feeding binge. Use traditional dries like a Royal Wulff or Royal Coachman wet and cast around. Fish are circling the pond searching for something to eat. Concentrate on areas around an inlet where trout gather to spawn in mid-October.
The East Outlet has a great flow. The Moose River flow just got doubled and the Roach is on its third week of fall flows.
Fish fresh from the lake are usually very eager to chase streamers. There is no screwing around and the strike is ferocious. If a fish misses your fly just leave it there and jig it a bit. New fish will almost always return and be more aggressive, not missing on the second strike. It’s like they want to rip the rod from your hand and there is nothing like it. Make sure you are using good stout leader material or that biggest fish of the season will own your fly and you’re left with just another sad story.
After fish have been in the river for a while, have seen plenty of streamers and likely been fooled a time or two the strikes become just passes at your streamer and don’t return when teased. A quick change of the fly may get the fish to come back but not always. Now it’s time to do a little nymph fishing. It’s about delivering a Lays potato chip to couch potatoes that have stopped chasing streamers. Drift, say a pheasant tail by their nose and they are apt to pick up the little morsel. After all they have eaten hundreds of them in the past.
We have always said fall fish don’t feed. It should read, fall fish don’t eat much and they often don’t eat the same thing twice so constantly change the flavor of the fly if its not working. Interview any number of fall fly fishermen on what they were using and you’ll get 10 different flies that actually caught fish and often it takes ten fly changes to catch 2 fish.
It’s a beautiful time of season, our favorite, and the biggest fish of the year are going to be caught. The only problem with September fishing is it should be three months long not three weeks.
A quick note:
We have had a cancelation for one October Overnights on the East Outlet. October 3-4. This is for two people. It’s two days of drift fishing the East Outlet and an overnight at our tent camp on the river. Give us a call to get in on some late season fishing. Here is the link to more info and cost.