It doesn’t get much better.

July 18, 2014

The drake hatches may be winding down on the trout ponds but the river angling is still RED HOT.
River water temperature continue to be in the low to mid-60’s and caddis hatches continue day after day. Big Alder flies (Zebra caddis) just keep on coming. A couple I passed on the river today said fish were after caddis that were “Poppin’ like popcorn.”
A good drag-free drift will get you fish but hop a pair of caddis around any eddy line and fish often come out of the water after them.
A dark brown, mottled caddis is doing the job but there are at least 4 or 5 different caddis around and we have been getting fish on tan, orange, & olive body elk wing caddis as well. We have been nymphing them with caddis pupa, golden stones, and a hare’s ear. Talk to ten different anglers and you’ll hear 10 different success stories.
The photo above is typical of the fishing lately. Constancio LEAL from Mexico is all smiles with his 1st ever salmon on his first ever fly fishing trip. Water levels couldn’t be any better and fishing should hold up for some time. After all tiny black caddis and the big rusty orange belly caddis will be joining the hatches before long.
Our fisheries biologists have been busy monitoring the passage of trout and salmon through the fish ladder at the East Outlet dam. If you are interested stop by the dam any morning and you’ll likely find the guys checking on the daily catch.
We spent a day with them a couple years ago and made a video about their operation. Here’s the link, you should find it very interesting.
These are dedicated guys keeping a watchful eye on the health of our fishery.
See you on the water.