It doesn’t get much better

June 22, 2014

The picture above says it all. This is a photo of a cove full of caddis shucks that washed down the East Outlet on a day that caddis hatched on the entire river. It is a sight to see. Unfortunately when this sort of thing happens fishermen become more of an observer than a participant. With that much food available fish quickly filled up and often quit feeding well before the hatch ends.
In the last week we have seen olive, brown, and orange body caddis hatching. Yesterday we boated a lot of fish and for a while we couldn’t get two fish on the same fly. They came to dry caddis, soft hackles, different caddis nymphs and even streamers.
The high water we have been experiencing on the East Outlet drew in more salmon that have been on a diet of smelt in the lake. You can always tell when new fish are in a river because they are chrome silver in color and eager to chase a streamer. After they are in the river for a while and begin feeding heavily on insects they begin to darken and are less likely to chase a streamer.
In conclusion our high water issues seem to be behind us as water levels drop back to wadeable levels just in time for some of the best fishing of the season. Water temps are still in the high 50’s and there are lots of fish eager to eat.