It won’t be long

May 1, 2015

The snow is finally gone in the woods and run-off will be coming to an end soon but that doesn’t mean it’s over just yet. With good weather predicted for the weekend smelt runs in the smaller streams will begin in earnest.
A few have already begun. The issue regarding getting to the mouth of your favorite stream will be the condition of the back roads. The dry weather is helping dry them up but frost penetrated deep last winter so proceed with caution and be very suspicious of low spots especially if the road looks wet. If you haven’t been mired to the axles in the middle of what looks like a perfectly good road lately it can ruin your day. Throw a couple shovels and a high lift jack in the back and you can dig your way out of a tough spot.
Moosehead Lake is still not yet full so the East Outlet remains low but it shouldn’t be long before water will start flowing.
Ice has not left any of our lakes and ponds just yet but with warmer and sunnier weather predicted into next week we should see iceouts occurring all next week.
Fish will be stacked at the mouth of all the streams and rivers. It’s time to stretch that sinking line and polish up the smelt patterns.
It’s still a bit early to expect rivers to be full of fish but if you concentrate around the mouth you’ll liking put your first fish of the new season in the net.
You can keep an eye on the condition of the ice on Moosehead at the web cam on Blair Hill.